The book cover is divided into four sections connected by white dotted map paths. A young man with shaved dark hair and an earring is against a green background, a girl with dark hair wearing a yellow strap top holds a smiling black panther against a yellow background, a female pirate with long dark curly hair in a red skull bandana is against a red background, and a male pirate in a blue crossbones bandana is against a blue background.

The Crusoe Crew GN

  • £26.99

In The Crusoe Crew, you and your siblings must explore the surrounding islands for your father, Robinson Crusoe, and bring back the treasures there.

Unlike the other Graphic Novel Adventures this one is cooperative for up to 4 readers. Each player will get their own book, and each book contains unique information to help your journey!

A new way, in graphic novel form, to experience the kind of gamebooks popularized years ago. It's your choices, your adventure, and your story.