A young Black man wearing glasses, a dark green and black striped t-shirt, blue shorts, sports socks and black and white hi-tops stands in a teal bathroom, one leg resting on the wall behind him. His tongue pokes out in concentration as he writes in a notebook. Next to him is a grey bin that says 'Adults Only', and a couple of condoms lie discarded near it. There is also a hole in the wall with an eye visible through it, as well a questioning speech bubble.

The Cruising Diaries GN

  • £14.99

The Cruising Diaries is a coming of age memoir that's not for the faint of heart. Follow author and musician Brontez Purnell on a series of hilarious sexual misadventures through '00s Oakland. Outrageous tales of taco truck trysts and bathhouse Santas are accompanied by full-color illustrations in this expanded edition.