A redheaded pirate swings down from a sail rope, grinning as she wields a curlass. Behind her, several other pirates can be seen onboard the ship, including a brown-skinned person with an eyepatch and a long plait who is loading a cannon, a darker-skinned woman with a turban using a telescope, a light brown-skinned woman gasping, and a fair-skinned person with shoulderlength blond hair, as well as a black cat.

Tell No Tales: Pirates Of The Southern Sea GN

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There's a real village in Germany called Neuerkerode that is operated by people with mental disabilities - the local restaurant, the local bar, the local supermarket. The author spent two years living 3 or 4 days a week there, researching and getting to know its townsfolk, and the result is an empathetic depiction.

This graphic novel is told entirely from a developmentally impaired boy's perspective. Noel had always lived with his mother in Berlin, until one day tragedy strikes and he finds himself alone for the first time. A man with a beard tells him he can't stay in the apartment anymore and takes him to a place with so many strangers - Who can he trust? Who does he like? Who loves him?

Mikael Ross was born in 1984 in Munich.