A humanoid fox with white shoulderlength hair in a ponytail and white ears and tail stands casually in the street, wearing a school uniform. She has a laptop bag slung over her shoulder and is holding a green Starbucks smoothie in one hand, smiling.

Tamamo-Chan's A Fox! v.1

  • £11.99

A charming comedy about a fox from Kyoto who becomes human so she can attend high school - but doesn't quite get the transformation right!

Tamamo is a fox from the Inari Shrine in Kyoto, who may or may not also be a goddess. She longs to try "high school" and all the fun and drama therein, so she transforms into a human girl - but her technique isn't perfect, so she doesn't change completely.

Adults don't seem to notice her furry form, and her classmates pretend that she's like the other girls, but Tamamo is definitely shaking up their ordinary high school life!