A young woman with amber eyes and shoulderlength dark brown hair caresses the cheek of a shorter blond boy. The boy's face is bright red. He holds a small dessert box in one hand, and is wearing a green apron over a white shirt and dark trousers. She is in a navy school uniform accented with red ribbons.

Sachi's Monstrous Appetite v.1

  • £11.99

Fans of monster romance manga, look out! Sachi's Monstrous Appetite will slake your thirst!

Makie's a boy in love, with his tall, older classmate Sachi. As a sign of his affection,
he makes Sachi a special lunch every day. Sachi loves Makie, too, but she has a
secret...she's actually a shapeshifting monster called a watari, and she was drawn to Makie because he smells...delicious!

But it's not just Sachi who's drawn to Makie's scent, and soon, he realizes the entire monster world is after him. Fortunately, Sachi's a watari who eats watari, and she pledges to protect him.

But how long can Makie survive, with Sachi's appetite the only thing between him and a monster's belly?