A young Black girl with her hair in pigtails and wearing a white nightdress stands holding a pink fishing net, looking determined. Behind her is a child's bedroom with several glowing-eyed monsters lurking in the shadows. The girl is bathed in light from an open door, and the silhouettes of two adults can be seen cast on the wall behind her.

Poesy The Monster Slayer HC GN

  • £16.99

A sweetly scary picture book about a girl whose monster-catching activities delay her bedtime. A monster slayer needs no bedtime! Once her parents are off to bed, Poesy excitedly awaits the monsters that creep into her room. With the knowledge she's gained from her trusty Monster Book, and a few of her favorite toys, Poesy easily fends off a werewolf, vampire, and much more. But not even Poesy's bubblegum perfume can defeat her sleep-deprived zombie parents!