A person with dark chinlength hair and round glasses stands in front of a large old school building, holding a satchel over their shoulder and looking wary. Next to them, another person with long curly ginger hair and an upturned nose, wearing a school uniform, tugs on the other person's bag as they gaze upward at something. The shadows of multiple trees loom in the background.

One Year At Ellsmere GN

  • £13.99

With revamped art and now in full color, One Year at Ellsmere is an endearing middle-grade friendship story from Faith Erin Hicks!

Was boarding school supposed to be this hard? When studious thirteen-year-old Juniper wins a scholarship to the prestigious Ellsmere Academy, she expects to find a scholastic utopia.

But living at Ellsmere is far from ideal: She is labeled a "special project," Ellsmere's queen bee is out to destroy her, and it's rumored that a mythical beast roams the forest next to the school.