A group of teens with different hair colours and skin tones pose around a head and shoulders statue of the Ancient Greek god Zeus. Some of the teens are pulling silly faces while one of them holds a phone out to take a selfie of them all.

Oh My Gods GN

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Karen is just an average thirteen-year-old from New Jersey who loves to play video games with her friends and watch movies with her mom. But when she moves to Greece to live with her eccentric, mysterious father, Zed, suddenly everything she thought about herself - about life - is up in the air.

Starting a new school can be difficult, but starting school at Mt. Olympus Junior High, where students are gods and goddesses, just might take the cake. Especially when fellow classmates start getting turned to stone. Greek mythology... a little less myth, a little more eek! And if Karen's classmates are immortal beings, who does that make her?