A young woman with shoulderlength pink hair bridal carries an androgynous person with spiky white hair and red eyes. They are dressed in a white veil and a white frilly jacket over a red cravat, dark trousers, and thigh-high white boots, looking bored. She is wearing a green check dress over a white shirt and petticoat, looking distraught.

No Vampire No Happy Ending v.1

  • £11.99

Arika is what you could charitably call a vampire “enthusiast.” When she stumbles across the beautiful and mysterious vampire Divo however, her excitement quickly turns to disappointment as she discovers he's not exactly like the seductive, manipulative villains in her stories. His looks win first place, but his head's a space case.  

Armed with her extensive knowledge of vampire lore, Arika downgrades Divo to a beta vampire and begins their long, long… long journey to educate him in the ways of the undead.