Magic The Gathering: Dominaria Deck

Magic The Gathering: Dominaria Deck

  • £14.99

Return to Magic's original home and recruit a team of heroes like none of the Multiverse has ever seen! Dominaria provides the powerful tools you need to build a deck that can tackle any challenge.

Features two styles of Planeswalker deck with two different styles of play, one letting you control the tempo and the other using ramp and burn tactics.

• Chandra (Bold Pyromancer) ramp and burns by ramping up your mana, using big creatures and burn spells.
• Teferi (Timebender) controls the tempo with battlefield control, card-draw spells and artifact synergy.
• Experience Nostaliga with a throwback to the legendary Dominaria plane.

• 1 x 60 card Deck.
• 1 x Deck box.
• 2 x Dominaria booster packs.
• 1 x Strategy insert.