A white cat in a blue shirt slouches on a sofa, surrounded by pill bottles. Their eyes are orange swirls.

Julian In Purgatory GN

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Being the mayor's son comes with a lot of pressure: pressure to conform, perform, and live up to expectations. But Julian's opting out of it all. He's living on his girlfriend's couch, dealing drugs, and watching the days pass, empty and unfulfilled.

It... wasn't too bad, to be honest. At least, not until Dana flushed his stash and booted him to the street.

Alone, adrift, broke, and jonesing, Julian has burned his last bridge, his schemes have gone from "moronic" to "tied up in an abandoned mine shaft," and the tiny town of Piney Bluff is swiftly running out of safe harbors for its most fortunate son.

It's time for Julian to take some steps, but first he has to find a way out of purgatory.