A woman with long light brown hair sweeps a strand behind her ear. She is wearing an elegant green dress with gold and black trim. Holding her hand is a maid with dark brown hair tied up in a dusky pink bow. Rose bushes bloom beside the pair, and in the background a large mansion can be seen beside a large body of water.

Goodbye My Rose Garden v.1

  • £11.99

In this beautiful new yuri manga, a young British noblewoman asks her maid to kill her... but the two fall in love instead!

England, the early 1900s. Alice, a young noblewoman, has a Japanese maid named Hanako working in her household. The two have a fairly typical relationship... until the day Alice begs Hanako to kill her.

As Hanako tries to figure out why her mistress would make such a terrible request, she and Alice grow closer until an entirely new feeling begins to blossom between them.

Don't miss this poignant tale about women falling in love in historical Britain.