A young Black girl with big chinlength hair ad green eyes leans against a 'SOLD' sign for a house. She is wearing a pink sports jacket over a yellow and white striped top, blue jeans, and pink sneakers. A Doberman is curled at the base of the sale sign. Several translucent ghosts are visible nearby, including a weepy woman, a blond man in military uniform, and an elderly lady in a Victorian dress.

Forever Home GN

  • £9.99

* A new middle-grade graphic novel for fans of Sheets and Anya's Ghost from acclaimed cartoonist Jenna Ayoub (Adventure Time) about a girl named Willow, who's got two parents in the military and has lived a nomadic childhood that's made it seem impossible to find a place she can call home - until now!

* And when the family arrives at their latest stop-the historic Hadleigh House-Willow encounters something that doesn't help her chances of staying put...GHOSTS!

* Hadleigh House's spectral occupants have been scaring off would-be residents for decades, and they intend to keep the house to themselves.

* But Willow's not about to let some nagging spirits force her to move for the millionth time. It's just a matter of convincing Willow's parents that this old house is the one for them - ghosts and all...