A girl with short red hair bikes into the air, one hand held forwards in a fist. She is wearing a pink helmet with bug-like decoration, a short-sleeved hoodie trailing a pink ribbon, light pink jeans, purple shoes, and a mint green backpack. In the front basket of her bike, there is a grinning beige and brown ferret. In the background, there are trees and telephone poles and a bright sunny sky.

Fearless GN

  • £12.99

Kara hoped to spend the summer re-enacting episodes of her favorite TV show, Shinpi Rider, with her best friend Alice. But when Alice moves to a new home two towns over, everything changes. Alice mysteriously stops answering Kara's phone calls and letters.

In order to reignite their friendship, Kara hatches a brave plan to bike over to Alice's new school all on her own. Kara's bravery on the journey proves how strong she is but when Kara finally finds Alice, her bravado fades: Alice has found new friends and has left Kara behind.

Can Kara be fearless when she feels so alone?