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Robin's Nest Comics

Eartha HC

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Revenge fantasies, sexual encounters, murder plots, secret ambitions - they all once found sanctuary in Echo Fjord. That is where, for a thousand years, unfinished Dreams from the City Across The Sea came to live out their lives, guided lovingly by the Fjord folk.

But recently the Dreams have stopped drifting to Echo Fjord, and without their ethereal tourists the Fjord folk are lost. Why has the city stopped sending its Dreams? 

Eartha is worried. Seeking answers, she sets out into the limitless waters, hoping to find the City and solve the mystery of the missing Dreams. But howill she find a place that no one in the Fjord has ever seen, and whose location is not on any map?

Cathy Malkasian's Eartha is an expansive tale of pastoral life, city corruption, greed, and addictions, and reverberates with questions plaguing us today, such as the alienating effects of hyper-connectivity and the self-destructive obsession with novelty.

Malkasian's rigorous draftsmanship, stunning landscapes and sophisticated storytelling are all on display in Eartha, making this the author's lushest and most impressive graphic novel yet.