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(dot)Dungeon HC

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(dot)dungeon is a meta tabletop role-playing game inspired by things like .hack//sign, Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, Code Lyoko, and Digimon Adventures.

The game is set in a virtual world, like an MMORPG, called Anwnn, where Players create a Character to explore dungeons, navigate video-gamey NPCs, and come into conflict with other Players who have complex motivations and desires.

The main draw of the game is the inter-personal drama that comes with interacting online, including making new friends, starting relationships, and dealing with annoying buggers.

In (dot)dungeon, Players assign dice to their stats to show their skill in the video game, and irl. And they choose a class that best represents their playstyle and their irl personality. These classes are meta in the way that they draw from the playing space, or your personal life, to give you abilities. The Beast, for instance, allows you to turn into the animal form of your pets. So someone with a plethora of pets will have more options. The goal of this is to have enough classes in the game that everyone can feel special, while also allowing them to interact with the game in their own, personal way.

The game uses a unique, shared health pool between all of the party members, called Connection. This is another meta-system of the game, which represents the connection the party has to one another, and to the game they are all choosing to play. As players run into conflict and roll their dice, their Connection will dwindle and eventually run out, giving all campaigns of (dot)dungeon a definite end point, or “game over” moment. When the Connection reaches zero, it’s a narrative moment when the life of the party changes and they can no longer play the game together, or in the same way, which can mean something different and personal for every group.

One Player takes on the role of the World itself, acting as the Game Master. (dot)dungeon has an easy to use system to port other monsters, locations, and adventures that the Game Master has on their shelf or on their hard drive into Anwnn. Meaning that they get to fill the world with all of their favorite ideas and then let the players explore them in a new and interesting way.

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