A girl stands in a kitchen, hauling a large pot of potatoes and grinning. She has light brown skin and dark afro hair in two pigtails, and is wearing a chef's hat and jacket over ripped dark shorts and red lace-up boots. One of the potatoes flies out of the pot on leaf wings, with tiny eyes and a tongue poking out.

Chef Yasmina And The Potato Panic GN

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Eleven-year-old Yasmina and her single dad lead a modest life in a cramped apartment in a bustling city. But even though money is tight, they eat like kings. Every day, Yasmina uses her cookbooks and fresh vegetables from the community garden to whip up gourmet meals.

That is, until the day the garden is bulldozed and replaced by a field of scientifically enhanced potatoes that are, quite literally, addictive! The whole city - and even Yasmina's dad - is going mad for these potatoes.

What's the secret ingredient in these potatoes that has everyone acting like a bunch of crazy canines? Yasmina needs to find a cure, and fast!