A young man with blond hair and a wavelike shoulder tattoo lies on sheets, his ass raised up into the air. He sucks seductively on his thumb. The background is of a cloudy sunset sky.

Birds Of Shangri-La v.1

  • £9.99

A straight man takes a job at a gay brothel that has a firm rule of no falling in love. What could go wrong?

Apollo takes on a rather odd job at a brothel as a way to make some fast cash, but when one of the male prostitutes takes an interest in him, his days of gainful employment seem numbered.

A paradise of sensuality, Shangri-La is a male brothel celebrating the glories of gay sex. Newly hired Apollo is in charge of getting the men ready for clients, but as a straight man, he's a bit naive. Phi, one of the brothel's most sought-after prostitutes, is tasked with getting him up to speed, but not before toying with him a bit. Too bad the rules of the brothel are clear - no orgasms, no penetration, and no falling in love!

For readers ages 18 and up.