A Black girl with shoulderlength locs crouches on the prow of a small sailboat, wielding a glowing gauntlet in one hand and a wooden sword in the other. The boat is being attacked by a red sea monster, its tentacles wrapped around a blond boy with goggles who is clutching a teddy bear. A green-skinned young woman with pointy ears determinedly attempts to paddle the ship. Three hooded, tusked skull-like creatures watch from above.

The Only Living Girl: The Island At The Edge Of Infinity GN

  • £7.99

Zandra "Zee" Parfitt is one of the last human survivors of a cosmic disaster that merged hundreds of planets into the mysterious patchwork wasteland of Chimerika. After learning that the experiments of her late father created this world, Zee and her companions - classmate Erik Farrell and mermaid warrior Morgan - embark on a dangerous quest filled with robots, monsters, unknown civilizations, and unlikely allies. Together they push back against the relentless Consortium, who want control of this new world at any cost. Through it all, Zee searches for the truth of her past so she can redeem her father's legacy.