A spherical man with a massive ginger beard with a belt that reads 'SPITE' wields a bloody hatchet in one hand and an overflowing goblet of wine in the other. Nearby, a person wearing a long teal dress and round mirrored glasses sits on a throne, raising their own glass. All around them both, the ruins of buildings explode along with weapons and drugs.

The Ludocrats TP

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The Ludocrats! The aristocrats of ludicrous! Defending reality from the encroaching forces of boredom while having a nice time.

KIERON GILLEN (DIE, THE WICKED + THE DIVINE) and JIM ROSSIGNOL (Sir, You Are Being Hunted) write! JEFF STOKELY  (The Spire) draws! TAMRA BONVILLAIN (Once & Future) colors! CLAYTON COWLES (Every excellent comic) letters! The universe screams in pleasure, writhing, finally satisfied, complete, joyous!